My Sephora Lip Scrub Review..

This post is about Sephora's Honey Lip Scrub that was given to me by a sweet friend. I haven't really notice the effect of this lippie so I can't really tell if it's a good product especially for those who are having the same dilemma that I have - dry lips. Anyway, read on my... Continue Reading →


My Vanilla Lip Balm Review..

Do you love using organic products? Well, if yes, this one's a must buy. I have dry lips which made me search and buy for lip balms and creams that can help me bring back my soft lips that enables me to wear any kind of lipstick that I want. I previously used a hydrating... Continue Reading →

My Valentine’s Day..

It's February!!! You know what that means, right?! February is known to many as the "Love month". This is mainly because everyone is excited to be with their loved ones to celebrate Valentine's Day a.k.a. Hearts Day. Flowers have started to be seen all over the places. Vendors, especially in shopping malls, have prepared their... Continue Reading →

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