My Dew & Dew Cream Review..

Here's a quick review of a beauty gem that I recently discovered. This tops my list when it comes to moisturizing my skin effectively! Here's my review for Dew & Dew's Luxury Cell Peptide Ultra Moisturising Cream. This is one of my highly recommended products! Who is it for: If you have dull and dry skin... Continue Reading →


My Skinfood Tomato Cream Review..

This is one of the bestsellers of the Skinfood cosmetic company. Well, I've tried it and I can say that this is one of those that I will highly recommend especially to those who wants to brighten their skin complexion. It's a must try! If you notice, my review is similar with Skinfood's Tomato Toner... Continue Reading →

My Skinfood Tomato Toner Review..

During our travel in Korea, we've seen a lot of cosmetic brands that are offering promotions for their beauty products. Skinfood is widely known in Korea and in other parts of the globe as a good brand so I googled which products do people especially ladies purchase. Which are the bestsellers? Well, I guess, I... Continue Reading →

My PoreCorset Serum Review..

For this post, I'm going to share my feedback about SKINMISO's Pore Corset Serum. I've found this beauty product in I was conscious about my big pores so I searched for an effective cream that I can use to minimize my PORES! Here's my simple review about the product. Who is it for: If... Continue Reading →

My Olive Peeling Gel Review..

For those who are looking for a good skin exfoliator, you should give this a try! Here's my quick review about this product. Who is it for: If you have dull and dry skin If you have oily skin If you have uneven skin tone If you have normal skin but wants to whiten it What... Continue Reading →

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