My Frida Kahlo Review..

For this blog post, I’m going to share a short review of The Original Tension Pact Perfect Cover that I’ve recently purchased from I’ve always had big pores on my face so I wanted to try something that I can use to hide them. It’s been so long since I put anything on my face during day time. So, I tried. Here’s what I had to tell.


Who is it for:

  1. If you have big pores
  2. If you have uneven skin
  3. If you love Frida Kahlo’s makeup collection

What it claims (content from its product details):

  1. A perfect cover to help make a flawless skin with advanced covering benefit and light adherence.
  2. Double layer cover helps make a flawless skin by covering skin flaws such as wrinkle, big pores, and freckles.
  3. Lasting cover powder and moisturizing ingredient help last makeup for 24-hours.
  4. Containing natural moisturizing ingredient, it protects moisture on the skin and covers flaw without feathering.

How to use:

  1. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before applying it.
  2. Get appropriate amount onto makeup puff and apply by gently patting the face following skin texture.
  3. Spread and blend evenly.

My verdict:

  1. The look – It is in floral and girly cover case with Frida Kahlo written at the center.
  2. It is like a liquid foundation in a pressed powder packaging.
  3. The effect – It’s good. It covers my big pores and blemishes. I just don’t like it when my face becomes oily. It makes it look even shinier.
  4. Will I recommend it? – For those who don’t have too oily skin, YES. But for those who do, you might want to consider trying matte pressed powder/foundation.

My Nivea Whitening Scrub Review..

Nivea became one of the brands that I love when it comes to effective and affordable beauty products. I have facial toner, facial scrub, deodorant that I regularly use which provides good effects on my face and body. It delivers what it promise to its customers. This Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Scrub is one of my favorites. Read on and you’ll know why. Give it a try if you’re on a hunt for a new facial cleanser/scrub.


Who is it for:

  1. If your skin is very dull
  2. If you have extra large pores
  3. If you aim to whiten your skin
  4. If you have acne prone skin

What it claims:

  1. It helps to minimize large pores and dark spots
  2. It minimize appearance of acne
  3. It provide 10x better whitening effect
  4. It clears skin impurities
  5. It exfoliates without thinning the skin

How to use:

  1. Splash cold/warm water and put ample amount of the facial scrub
  2. Gently massage on face and neck in small upward circular strokes (avoid eye area)
  3. Rinse off with lukewarm water

My verdict:

  1. The look – Similar to Extra White Repair facial toner, this scrub’s packaging display the main benefits it promise to provide such as pore minimizing, whitening, removes impurities & makeup.
  2. The effect – I’ve been using it for few months and I noticed the difference in my skin. It’s fairer and smoother. I love the micro beads in this facial scrub that makes me feel that my skin is thoroughly being cleaned after every wash. One of my recommended facial cleanser especially if your aim is more on whitening.