In Takenoko, the players will cultivate land plots, irrigate them, and grow one of the three species of bamboo (Green, Yellow and Pink) with the help of the Imperial gardener to maintain this bamboo garden. They will have to bear with the immoderate hunger of this sacred animal for the juicy and tender bamboo. The... Continue Reading →


My Dual Blending Shadow Review..

This post is about Dual Blending Cushion Shadow by MISSHA. This is one of the makeup items I've purchased in Qoo10.sg (as always!) I looooove this cute brush! I love everything about it. It might be a bit expensive because you get only two colors with a price where in some brands you can get a... Continue Reading →

My Coloring Multi-Stick Review..

This is described as "Multi-sticks with built-in brushes for blending help to shape, contour, and define facial features", which is true! I was surprised when I discovered this beautiful gem. I didn't know it even existed! Well, I'm not a sucker for makeups so stuff like this really amuses me. I was so happy and... Continue Reading →

My Colourpop Lipstick Review..

I.LOVE.LIPSTICKS. That says it all. I can't live without it. I can survive not putting any cosmetics on my face EXCEPT lipstick! At night I even apply lip balm to moisturize my lips. Hence this purchase! My friend told me about this brand which sells a bunch of lippies, especially matte lipsticks. So we googled... Continue Reading →

My Frida Kahlo Review..

For this blog post, I'm going to share a short review of The Original Tension Pact Perfect Cover that I've recently purchased from Qoo10.sg. I've always had big pores on my face so I wanted to try something that I can use to hide them. It's been so long since I put anything on my face... Continue Reading →

My Laneige Lip Mask Review..

Hello loves! For this blog post, I'm going to share about my lip care. In my previous posts I've blogged about some lip balms that I've tried to deal with my dry lips dilemma. Somehow I find it hard to get rid of it ASAP so I googled and browse products that I can test... Continue Reading →

My AMOS Curling Essence Review..

AMOS. This is a new brand that I don't know anything about. I discovered this product by browsing the best seller section of an online shopping app. I've read a lot of good feedback about it so I purchased one for me. I was captivated by its scent and most especially by how it smooths... Continue Reading →

My Strictly Curls Cream Review..

I love perming my straight hair. One of the advantage of having curly or wavy hair is that you don't need to always comb it. You can just use your fingers to style it perhaps with the help of a curling cream. I discovered Marc Anthony The Professional's Strictly Curls cream from a friend who bought... Continue Reading →

My Sephora Lip Scrub Review..

This post is about Sephora's Honey Lip Scrub that was given to me by a sweet friend. I haven't really notice the effect of this lippie so I can't really tell if it's a good product especially for those who are having the same dilemma that I have - dry lips. Anyway, read on my... Continue Reading →

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