TOKAIDO Review..


In Tokaido each player is a traveler crossing the “East sea road”, one of the most magnificent roads of Japan. While traveling, players will meet people, taste fine meals, collect beautiful items, discover great panoramas and visit temples and wild places. At the end of the day, when everyone has arrived at the end of the road you’ll have to be the most initiated traveler – which means that you’ll have to be the one who discovered the most interesting and varied things.

Game Summary
Title: Tokaido
Designer: Antoine Bauza
Publisher: Funforge Studio
Players: 2-5
Game Time: >=1 Hour
Set-up Time: 5-10 Minutes
Theme: Japan
Mechanic: Travel
How to win: Score the most points


Game Setup
1) Place the board at the center
2) Shuffle all the game cards into separate piles
3) Each player must choose a character. Check the Rules of Play document to identify the skills of each character of this game.
4) Decide who is the first player to start


1) Choose one place to visit and put your colored character figure on the spot provided for the selected place
2) Decide what action to perform based on the current location of your character
Here are the options:
a) Village – You can buy souvenirs. Each souvenir corresponds to certian victory points. Completing a set will give you higher points
b) Farm – You can earn 3 coins to add in your reserve
c) Panorama – You have 3 options to choose which one to collect
d) Hot Springs – You can take 1 card and gain points equal to the value displayed on the card
e) Temple – You may donate coins to the Temple (the highest donation will earn 10 points at the end of the game)
f) Encounters – You can take a card and apply its effect immediately
g) Inns – All players must stop at every inn. Each player must wait for everyone to arrive before leaving the inn. Upon arrival, the player who reached first will be the one drawing 4 or 5 cards (depending on the number of players). Each must choose one meal card to purchase.


Game Strategies
1) When visiting the village, purchase and complete a set of souvenirs to gain more points
2) If you don’t have enough coins to donate to temple or purchase sourvenir and/or meal cards, go visit the farm before anyone else does (to avoid being blocked by other players)
3) Collect sets of panorama if other places have been taken by other players
4) Donate more coins in Temple to get the additional 10 points at the end
5) Focus on your strategy but take time to study how your opponents play so you can either use it to your advantage or sabotage them


What I like about it:

1) The first thing I notice for every board game is always the DESIGN of its components. Similar to Takenoko, I admire how this is designed especially its ancient Japanese theme!

2) There are quite a lot of characters that you can choose from.

3) It makes you feel that you are a wanderer in Japan!

What I don’t like about it:

1) It’s not a very challenging game so sometimes I get bored while playing it.

2) There are a lot of characters you can check but you only get to choose ONE!

3) The only way to gain coins is to go to the farm. Most of the cards will give you one or two.

For more information, go ask GOOGLE! Go try this one and have fun!

Note: The images included in this post are all my photographs. If you want to use them please give credit to me. Thanks!

“Give credit to whom credit is due.”


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