My Dual Blending Shadow Review..

This post is about Dual Blending Cushion Shadow by MISSHA. This is one of the makeup items I’ve purchased in (as always!) I looooove this cute brush! I love everything about it. It might be a bit expensive because you get only two colors with a price where in some brands you can get a palette with various colors. But this one got its own advantages especially if you don’t like bringing your whole makeup kit wherever you go. So here’s my review.


Who is it for:

  1. If you are always on the go and want to do your makeup quickly
  2. If you always lose your eyebrow brush so you end up using your fingers instead (like me)
  3. If you have an eyeshadow palette but often use only two tones
  4. If you don’t like carrying too much makeup on your bag

What it claims (content from its product details):

  1. Dual Cushion Shadow allows for quick and easy blending to create a finished eye look
  2. Applies without fall out
  3. Cream to powder shadow applies softly, without stickiness
  4. Soft cushion tip allows for natural blending
  5. Create a gorgeous, gradient eye look with minimal effort

How to use:

  1. Before application, remove any moisture from eyelids with a tissue or powder
  2. Dispense product by twisting, and apply to the eyelids, blending the two colors as desired

My verdict:

  1. The look – It is a one eyeshadow brush which is kinda longer than normal. There are two tones that you can apply by switching on both sides of the cushion brush.
  2. The effect – It is quick to apply and blend which makes it very convenient for me.
  3. There’s no fallout as it claims, unlike the other brands I’ve tried before.
  4. Will I recommend it? – YES! Absolutely! Actually, I’m planning to buy more!

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