My Dual Blending Shadow Review..

This post is about┬áDual Blending Cushion Shadow by MISSHA. This is one of the makeup items I've purchased in (as always!) I looooove this cute brush! I love everything about it. It might be a bit expensive because you get only two colors with a price where in some brands you can get a... Continue Reading →


My Coloring Multi-Stick Review..

This is described as "Multi-sticks with built-in brushes for blending help to shape, contour, and define facial features", which is true! I was surprised when I discovered this beautiful gem. I didn't know it even existed! Well, I'm not a sucker for makeups so stuff like this really amuses me. I was so happy and... Continue Reading →

My Colourpop Lipstick Review..

I.LOVE.LIPSTICKS. That says it all. I can't live without it. I can survive not putting any cosmetics on my face EXCEPT lipstick! At night I even apply lip balm to moisturize my lips. Hence this purchase! My friend told me about this brand which sells a bunch of lippies, especially matte lipsticks. So we googled... Continue Reading →

My Frida Kahlo Review..

For this blog post, I'm going to share a short review of┬áThe Original Tension Pact Perfect Cover that I've recently purchased from I've always had big pores on my face so I wanted to try something that I can use to hide them. It's been so long since I put anything on my face... Continue Reading →

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