My Laneige Lip Mask Review..

Hello loves! For this blog post, I’m going to share about my lip care. In my previous posts I’ve blogged about some lip balms that I’ve tried to deal with my dry lips dilemma. Somehow I find it hard to get rid of it ASAP so I googled and browse products that I can test to quickly resolve my lip problem. Then I found this cute lip balm which is one of the famous beauty products of the brand Laneige. So, here it goes.


Who is it for:

  1. If you have dry lips
  2. If you want to moisturize your lips as you sleep
  3. If you’re simply a fan of Laneige beauty products

What it claims:

  1. Moisturizes normal/dry lips
  2. Hydrate dry lips
  3. Provides glossy look on your lips

How to use:

  1. Apply ample amount and spread on both upper and lower lip
  2. For day time use, you can use it on top of your lipstick for that glossy finish
  3. For night time use, you can just apply it and leave it overnight

My verdict:

  1. I love the packaging of this product. It’s so pink! It’s so girly!
  2. I love that it comes with the lip stick (which you can use to apply lip balm onto your lips instead using your finger)
  3. My lips are moisturized. They’re not that dry anymore.

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