My Oolong Tea..

I’d always choose tea over coffee. This statement says it all. I’m not into coffee. I would sip a cup if I’m really too sleepy or if it’s a good frappe. I would prefer to make tea for me.

I don’t mind if it’s in forms of tea bags, dried tea leaves, or if it is powdered. What matter for me is the scent, taste, and health benefits.

The tea leaves bottled as shown in the photo shared below is from a friend of mine who is working for The Providore. You might be wondering, how did they prepare this with milk on it? Why is it called Oolong Milk?

I was also wondering if there’s milk in preparation for this tea leaves so I checked on its ingredients. I found in the description that this oolong tea from Thailand is known to many for its citrus-coloured cup with an exceptional flowery scent which resembles sweetened milk. So, that’s why it’s named as Oolong Milk.

I’ve tried this tea with an infuser that I used together with my insulated thermos. The scent of the tea leaves smells like milk indeed. After 2 to 5 minutes of steeping, I tried to take a quick sip of my hot tea. How’s the taste? It tastes like oolong milk tea, but this one doesn’t really have ‘milk’ on it. I love it!

I’ve always loved Oolong tea because of the tremendous health benefits that one may benefit by adding it to your daily meals.

Well, that’s it for this post. I just wanted to share this great tea that I’ve discovered, thanks to my generous friend who gave it to me.



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