My Observations..

I don’t know how to properly start my post for today so let me start by stating that I was not an observant until I’m asked to be one. What do I mean about this? Well, read on and maybe you’ll understand better.. I hope.

I used to be someone who doesn’t pay attention. To what you may ask. To everything, I guess. Until someone asked me to change it and try to be observant. So I did. I realized it’s a good thing to do. I’ve learned how to appreciate Life more than I did before. Let me tell you why.

  1. I observed how important waking up is. The fact that I woke up healthy and get to spend another day with the people I love. So I was more aware of how to take care of myself as I take care of my loved ones.
  2. I observed the beauty of Life in its simplest forms! I started noticing simple things that amazed me. Some of these are the trees that provide clean air, trees that keeps us from soaking wet when raining, and which provide shade on sunny days. The plants where we get the herbs and vegetables we need for our meals. Animals whose purpose in Life is for our survival and/or as our companion.
  3. I observed how magnificent our world is. How God created the clouds, stars, mountains, etc. How one exists to help someone or something survive.
  4. I observed how people tend to easily give up on the slightest failure they have done, while others are striving to withstand every challenge that they are encountering. How one ignores blessings that come in various forms while others share it to people who might be needing it.
  5. I observed how short life is. How quickly babies turn into adults. How a few minutes turns into an hour. A month into a year. I learned how to appreciate the time.
  6. I observed that taking photographs can be very important especially as we grow old we tend to forget memories and even people we used to spend time together.
  7. I observed how we can be so selfish sometimes.. or most of the times. For example, WAR. The unending wars around the globe. The selfishness of people destroying the nature for his own contentment without thinking what could be the disadvantages of such actions. Global warming, perhaps?
  8. I observed how kind some people are. The simplest act of kindness everywhere I turn. I see people giving to the needy, complimenting others who deserve it, hugging those that are breaking, pampering elders by their children, etc.
  9. I observed the importance of everything that comprises my whole being. From my body, how I feel about, how I think, and to what I do.
  10. I observed how observant I have become. I sometimes pause and stare about things that attract me which eventually leads to thinking about it and then appreciating it.

I have so many things that I’ve observed which led me to be a better version of myself. I might be a work in progress, but I will always be thankful for whatever I have right now and what’s in store for me in the future. I might not be a perfect ‘human’ but everyone is a work in progress isn’t it? It doesn’t mean that you’re broken, though, what I mean is, little by little we get to improve in some ways we didn’t expect.

So, try to scan whatever it is that you see, feel, hear. What do you think about it? What can you do about it?



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