My Stochasticity..

A new blog it is! Welcome to my page! Here’s my introductory post about this newly created WordPress homepage. Ready to read?

Actually, this is my nth blog site. I don’t remember how many blogs I’ve set up and failed to maintain. Sometimes I find it hard to spend time composing my thoughts and selecting which photos to share that matches my post. So, with my new page, I hope that I will be able to write as often as possible.

I named this “stochasticity me” because I will be sharing quite a lot of “RANDOM” things that I find interesting. I’m known to be a forgetful and overthinking person so I want this to be a reminder of memories and stuff that I might forget in the future. Aside from that reason, I guess I just want to have an outlet where I can “flush” some of what’s on my mind.

I chose the word “Stochasticity” to describe how unpredictable I can be at times (as a blogger and as a person).

So there goes my first post! I do hope and pray that I can post every week or perhaps once a week?!



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